Like sincere tears,

Like sincere tears, poetry flows from the depths of what is true.  All forms of writing, though they may vary in their delivery, derive from some combination of human feeling and conscious thought. The delicate nature of poetry sets itself apart from all other writing. In few simple lines of carefully chosen words worlds of meaning exist. Although it is not strictly the defining characteristic, the manner in which poetry can “flow” often has a profound effect. Specifically, the rhythm and rhymes of metered lines that sound like music with in our minds, adorn the meanings and heart-felt feelings we’ve lived to tell since the dawn of time. Indeed, the temporal and phonetic aspects of good poetry illustrate the ability of rhythm, rhyme and meter to facilitate the transmission and expression of meaning by exploiting the power of sound, memory and the human sense of time. It would seem that the very nature of the human species and their ever-beating hearts were instilled with an affinity to the singing pulses of well-timed wording.

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