How to wish

How is a wish more than words? Can man not simply speak his desires and thus have them be true? What is desire but to truly covet a thing with every fiber of one’s being. It is no small feat. Indeed, it requires just that—control over one’s every fiber of being, an ability to volunteer the involuntary. It is not enough to simply speak our intentions into words and move along, rather they must be embedded into our souls with honor and might. It is not within the capacity of man’s nature to wield control over his entirety and so simply and instantly will himself at will. Man must forge his motives purely and instill them into his mind, heart, and soul reminding himself of them as often as he can until it is so that his flesh remembers it and acts upon it instinctively—as does the heart beat without conscious order from he whom it sustains. And even then the journey of man, a struggle to remember now a struggle not to forget, doesn’t end.

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