always home

home is where you never wanna be left alone,
where there are no more duties and no one to wait on;
whatever you give, you give it with heart.
it’s where you long to be—wherever you start.

(home is not just where you dwell and tell
everyone what to do.
it’s not where memories are held,
but where memories bloom.)

home is where work can always be play.
it’s always where you smile at the one who’s in your way.
home is where those clock-ticks and button-clicks
they’re drowned out by heart-beats and laughs.

home is always where “the sun is almost rising”
and the moon isn’t ever missed.
home is where there’s never a thirst
save for staying alive—
what ever more could man ever need?

home is where you’re free to be, and free to see
where forever is never a dream!

whoever you are is never a question;
the effort you bring you’re promised to see.

there’s never a need to ask for attention;
whatever you seek you’re promised to see.

may it forever remain
that there is always a name
for the place where man,
Peace, always finds.

whatever we want, we’re never alone:
it’s always to see how bright your light shines.

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