It’s a few days later, so I suppose “thought provoking” was an understatement, but I’ve been writing about this for some time, so I thought I’d share the thoughts.

I work in a school, and I’ve come to see that the administration-student relationship is very much a microcosm of the government-citizen relationship. The main difference seems to be the inclusion of teachers as middlemen doing the dirty work.

A lot of the problem in the classroom is how students who are capable of leadership abandon their posts because they do not receive credit and are just treated as everyone else is. Now, this does manifest academically; students don’t try as hard when all the acknowledgement they get is a gold star, or a red “100”—and this is big deal, it’s a major obstacle in our education system. But to me, the greatest problem manifests in a social sense. Conflicts are largely a result of certain students, who are capable of being leaders and are looked upon as leaders, rejecting the responsibility, and withholding resolution. It is a lack of leadership.

I had one student just tell me how he used to take initiative and responsibility, he’d plan events and activities and offer assistance where he could, but when he saw he got no credit for his actions, when he saw that he was treated no differently than those who did not hold his position—when he saw no reward and more demands, he gave it up. Being a man of faith, I believe that all will see their reward in the next life no matter how they may be denied it in this life, but faith cannot justify the subjugation of the majority to the will of a minority. And what is faith without will?

Lack of leadership is the main disease of socialism; the facade of “equalization” just means no one gets the credit they deserve, and so, no one competes, no one seeks excellence. All men are created equal, but they certainly do not remain so.
The problem for those who seek power over men is that when they grant “privilege” to the strong they feel a loss of power. But, we all have our leaders, and the ones we choose of our own volition don’t have a privilege over us, they have our love, or at least, our respect.

Perhaps I just broke the barrier of objectivity with mention of love, but again, we all have our leaders—and our followers—when and to whom do we ever have to justify that?

Humanity will never cease to try and understand what it means to be a leader, but no matter what certifications or degrees or licenses plague the world, no matter who the masses elect, a leader is someone everyone must choose of his own volition. Only when this most basic of freedoms is honored by everyone, can a people, can a community truly exist, together.

What are the golden “rules”of every civilization and every era that has come and gone? “Do unto others… love for your brother… love thy neighbor…—but how golden is golden when compassion isn’t a rule to obey but a desire to live by! Humanity’s narcolepsy is forgetting what we all desire.

If you’re up to here with my words, I wonder what’d you’d say! If it wasn’t for you—well who knows..! One of the first things to disappear when communities disintegrate is communication, so I owe thanks for all who look to listen, and thanks for all who seek to speak.

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