to see it to be, or not to be

to see it to be, or not to be—
now, that.. is the question!

every moment meets the mark:
mighty beats you call the heart,

the secret store,where feelings flow
the house that holds, the shine you show—

where you can choose to fear,
or you can choose to hope,

it’s where love leaves it’s light,
and how, with duty, we cope.

you’ll be what you bring,
so bring what you’re always brought—

is it love that you sing,
or was it love you once sought?

be it with your words or with your walk,
may who you are strike the mark!

speak and hope that you are believed!
what is the fear that you’ve been deceived?

where is there honor in hiding who you know is you?
o men of heart! men of heart!

are these words for what is true!?
or is it just duty down on you—

say believe in me with all you do,
I believe in the good good always comes to!

mi reina!

I’ll count the ways I believe in you
on the darkest of skies with the stars in view…
and I’ll count the soul that called me true
by the brightest star in a sky so blue—

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