—the words you’ll chase are born inside you—

how does one determine the basis of an argument:
when he refutes a value what will vouch for him?

is it the will of a man or the wishes of mere men—
who will dare deny there is ever-more to be seen?
do you ever mark the vile under the guise of long lips—
then, by what-else do you erase any measure of doubt:

only that which grants all measure of consent
bids you forth and to embrace all you can see.

so, where is the difference between a lie and a show—
and when, then, you are a king what then do you obey—
o what are the minds of the masses to a burning heart—
among those who live to do is the one who lives to be:

and never do you lose what you have—always, forever—
what else is a first love, where you shared it all.

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