a prayer for two

“forgive me”, called a voice from far down below,
“bless-ed is what I hold, because of you”.

then the sound of a smile colored the words that went on:
“all I’ve ever chased you’ve shown me at once,
what I never knew I needed I had all along,
what I thought I always wanted was simpler than sweet,
and all I always gave was as great as what I took…”

as the lips settled, slower, the breaths growing apart,
“had I known what you know, I’d never’ve doubted,
had I saw what you see, I’d never’ve feared,
had I heard what you heard, I’dve always’ve listened—
now I feel what you felt, and I’m forever grateful…”

then, mouthed, without a sound,
the four words: “thank You…”

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