see me so

“show me some color”, she said
“dark dont suit your style”,
though she couldn’t confess,
how was it she held her smile—

see, black or now white
is not all that’s there—
see why she’d shine so bright,
and how I’d fight the stare—

and yet so warm is compassion
like a summer’s soft rain—
but what proves your passion
is like why the moon must wane;

you’ll never long for what you see;
you only chase what you do not hold;
what the world will hide of beauty
is only for those so brave and so bold—

and then there’s what we both know,
and all our plans and pure ploys,
why we dress to impress
all of the girls and the boys;

when those we know best,
simply see what they want,
rise above all the rest,
give in and never get caught—

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