what is poetry?

People presume poetry to be a pretty play of mere words, but true poetry is expression—it is the revelation of real feeling, and so, nearly anything and everything can be poetry whenever the source is honest:  structured verse, wild speech, measured manners—even a fit of rage—all of these things can be poetry; indeed, life is poetry. But what stands strong, high, and above the rest? What is genuine and what is imitated? What is quality product and what is common commodity? What is the beauty whose light reaches all, and what is it that begs the question.

One thought on “what is poetry?

  1. The point here, though seemingly lost in the record, is that good poetry is self-conscious, aware of itself, but not in doubt, and so never lacking, and colors may as well be grades, unless any can recommend a flavor to try? Then there is the question of shape or structure or definition and dimension; to capture is not as to paint nor is it to paint that we are safe.

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