A statist is someone

A statist is someone who supports the establishment of the state. I do not support the establishment of a state. I believe in the right of every individual’s right to govern himself. I believe taxes is thievery. I only support the voluntary exchange of value between men. Force always fails. 

There is no honor in defaming anyone. If you disagree with their manner or words you find honor to lay your claims clearly and objectively. Your saying “she writes about aspects of life that are filled with egoism and devoid of feeling for others” is neither objective or clear. It is nothing more than a colorful insult. It contains no valuable information at all. 

I am well aware of Ayn’s behavior as well as her sentiments towards religion and Muslims. This does not change the objective weight of her arguments or the sheer precision and clarity with which she presents them. And, I believe that had Ayn been given a proper understanding of Islam, she would have found beauty in it—but again this is just my personal belief and it has no weight whatsoever against the facts. 

“Statist” also has another meaning to me personally, at a more philosophical level, in that a statist submits to a single state of being and does not choose to allow himself to experience other states of being, mostly, out of fear. Much like the political statist, he trades in his personal liberties for petty securities, and expect others to do the same. 

Such an approach can grant no insight. Deep thought can only be achieved by letting go of pre-conceived notions and predilections. Indeed, this is a challenge for every man, but the rules of reason and rational are serve as guidelines for us all. To be objective is to clearly state your aim and why you choose to pursue it. 

You may certainly call your desire to “aid” me or “wake” me an objective, but I wouldn’t. Nor would I even call seeking Truth an objective; Truth is not an object. Such are matters of the heart, not the mind. They are questions of convictions and feelings, and while I welcome them openly as a friend to you, such things have no place in a rational intellectual discussion.

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