do you ever

do you ever have moments when you relive words
spoken to you, trying to see what it was they meant;

is it the good you look to find,
or that evil that all fear—

who tells you “o just go learn”,
but he who bids you be free!

take any word out of context,
still, what it means stays true—

do I believe you’ll love me,
or do I to please you—

indeed, the rebel runs in fear,
and so, to you, he cannot hear;
but if his word is well-weighed,
then, to you, he’ll run straight—

but who will run right into war
with he who who fears but one!

and when he walks he shows,
shining, nearest, the sun—

o may the moon meet his match,
silvered-seconds placed deep in the heart;

and flying high, together,
double-helix to the sky, for ever;
blooming in every direction,
and we have all and all the attention—

o who’s the fool who fools,
and over all the other fools;

did ever doubt direct you, when—
then upon you it dawned—

no—only a man puts up a fight—
and only a front to a fool—

for, he who hides is doomed,
whenever he hopes alone;

so it’s my smile over yours—
till we’re filled with joy;
let—ever—faith come by,
whatever’s mine or yours—

who can afford a friend,
one who stands up tall
and meets you to the end—
“I give my all”—

he says his word is bond,
and he’ll bet on yours—

if he ever runs away,
where then do they go?

one’s home and one is hard
giving you all you sought;

but by a word a man is tested,
and by his action he’s caught—

so honored are we the choice is free;
one for all so all for one;

we give it all, and only to one—
o save heavens—save everyone—

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