beautiful things

I want to tell you
of most beautiful things,
of flowery thoughts,
fruits the good lord brings—

I want to show off the golden sun
and all her silver moon sings,
and talk long on true-love
and its broad compassionate wings—

but I reach out with words
for all these beautiful things,
while in my heart they lay
and a truer rhyme rings:

good men are all kings,
and, by their queens, so pure;
and best friends are the best ends—
what more does man ask for?

by god’s love life blooms;
what’s won is won by his grace:
since Adam, every atom lives
and sings proud his praise—

I swear, what’s lays beyond the eyes
are the most beautiful things,
like the clear, pure, bright skies
and all the peace-joy they bring:

pure and perfect, just, brought for lovers—
“forever together” hear them sing!

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