so and so it is so told

ويحكى أن رجلا ادعى الاستهلاك في محبة شخص فقال له كيف وهذا أخي أحسن مني وجها وأتم جمالا فالتفت الرجل إليه فدفعه الشاب وقال من يدعي هوانا ينظر إلى سوانا

It is told that a man claimed that he would perish from his love and passion for someone.  So, this person said:  “How, when my brother here is of more excellent complexion and more perfect in beauty?” So then man turned to him (the other brother) when the (first) man pushed him and said:  “Who claims our love and yet looks to other than us!”


so and so it is so told:

a man once claimed near-oblivion
from his love for his other brother—
so this other of the loving-lover looked
and so to him he called out “how?”

“when, see, my other brother over there
his face, than me, is much more fair,
and his beauty is so more perfect, 
wherefore, then, do you despair—”

so, the loving-lover’s looks, turned, fell,
when his beloved brother pushed him well:
“o who is he who’s love calls out to me,
while then to others his looks do tell!”

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