a lover knows

I cannot tell you what love is—
though I’m sure I’ve showed you well—
unless you show me your soul’s thirst,
then, you can see what I can sell—

but I’ll tell you what it’s like:
if you like, a golden map of the sky,
to all your greatest pleasures,
and treasures up high—

your body’s quite the vessel—
so keep it straight up—
and then, faith is like the fuel—
fills your heart right, up!

o desire’s like the fire;
when you learn to earn,
breathe breath brought brilliant—
when you yearn, hearts turn—

rough winds fan the flames
in fiery passion’s sake;
so mind your mind it mends and bends
the path you choose to take;

doubt’s without direction;
where—forever—do you go?

its with love you seek to see,
when, in love, you always know—

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