Very true, words are like worlds, abound and to be discovered. I, too, dread the dark preconceptions surrounding the word capitalism, and, also the ambiguity or floweriness supposed upon the word volunteerism. I think I’m drawn more towards the concept of capital over voluntary choice because of my desperation for justice and honor, not only in an economic sense and concerning the maldistribution of wealth, but also in an intellectual and even moral sense, the suppression and oppression of the self, if you will; those of the highest character, class and charm hold the most capital—perhaps, honesty, integrity and beauty are the more familiar terms. These men and women of heart and mind all over the world are the truest leaders in every sense and in every field and land—and, without doubt, by their own volition and choice—certainly, they have been slighted for far too long. Maybe we can coin a new term… volitalism! lol

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