love and duty

I speak this truth in a different light. I see this as the duality of love and duty. And, indeed, they are inseparable. However, it is the failure to make the distinction which leads to so much peril and angst. What we do out of duty is honorable, but when we declare that it is out of love, love loses meaning and duty becomes an ugly lie. Where is hope and aspiration, then? I say choose love over fear, or over duty, but I only say this in an intellectual sense, as the one is higher; the one who acts out of love has dissolved his sense of self and his perceptions and seeks only the object of his desire. Love, one might say, stems from duty, or from fear. Love certainly begins with a conscious choice, but it is not fated (or doomed, you might say) to continue so, consciously that is—the muscle-memory of the heart, if you will. And, of course, the most sound choices are always most fruitful.

I also think of it as similar to work and passion. Not every moment will be willfully inspired, but I take that as a serious reminder that I am missing something. And I think that’s more than anyone can ask for. It is how we learn and yearn for direction!

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