honest hearts never think of you,

honest hearts never think of you,
but they know well who you are,
how they can hear beauty call
is proof for their perfection,
and when they look to you,
know then that you cannot lie.
take care to bring no burden,
and so will they, ease your way;
honesty not policy saves the day—
sly slights are never heard
save of what they’ll relay—
be brave then, don’t delay—

by brightness or rightness, know that you’ll get
a match made in heaven for all that you lack.

what couples best with its rarity
but a strong shine, unearthing
beauty to the highest minds
by its right to be praised high;
without regard to another,
but by purity of face alone,
as does a smile to you reveal
all the promise of sweetest life,
in that just for you did they exist
to show you all you ever ask for,
and so, you ask for it all
but meet more than you can see.

look well then to know your rightful place
or close your eyes to all but proudest grace—

by heaven, has your heart held you so close
to tell you every reason worth your stay,
and so, you’ll listen well and know
just how far you have to go
and you smile as soon as your pleased.
what more is ever proof your voice is heard
but that you hear well all you wish to hear—
and ever more than those brutish barks
barking just to prove the beauty of your silence
and the blessing of your pardon and way;
he is not with you and is lost,
whoever sees not your honesty:

the brightest day comes true as premise
for the weight of your word and promise.

what lonesome lover makes written his love
but that by another doubts are made few—
and with you none—for he knows how to ask
what to ask, when to tell the truth and say please—
as do golden ornaments of the heavens
live to light and brighten your day,
and stars so from afar come out
as every argument you could lay
to warrant justly just attention
and high regard and sweet assay—
so let up such lowly lovely lovers
and all their love to come allay,

as do angels wrought from heaven come forth,
and bringing brightly their news for good earth—

like city lights light bright city nights,
like the dark depths of your eyes wide,
and those irides as the high-rises
of such a world above the skies,
dimensions of color come alive
and visions of sounds are born wild
when you look to see what’s said
for all that lends to its truth—
these heart races and traces of love
decorate the graces of ripe pupils
eager to fall deep within their souls
and meet well with all that’s shared.

and as the sun is cause to blooming,
so are their eyes, and all-consuming.

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