أَوْقِدْ فَإنَّ الَيْلَ لَيْلٌ قُرُّ
وَالرِيحُ يَا مَوْقِدُ رِيحٌ صِرُّ
عَسَى يَرَا نَارَكَ مَنْ يَمُرُّ
إِنْ جَلَبَتْ ضَيْفَاً فَأَنْتَ حُرُ

alight, fire! for the night is a cold night!
and the winds, o fire-place, are vicious winds!
maybe he will see your fire, someone passing by—
if it brings a guest, then you are free (from blame)!

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