They say a poet feigns to get his way

They say a poet feigns to get his way
but a poem is a bookmark saving life
and will never betray the authors’ hearts—
there are times when I will not write,
when I find no words worthy, nothing
honest of record and accordance
with all of my duties and my love,
unless I find the way which works best
and my words tell a tale ready to be told tall
of all but the identities of malice and pride,
but showing grace and mercy and justice,
withal, the worlds and the universe—

until the words and worlds are one
will rhyme and reason oft-be sung.

what greater argument could you hear read
than a poets claim for beauty and truth,
one of high aims and broad skies,
free to the depths of peace and joy—
if he calls on the oceans fairly
to measure his devotions and faith—
if he praises the earth for all her life
and long splendor, day and night,
naming the sun and moon together
the two honest souls well at heart,
with all eternity their shining honor—
he at least offers you a most grand scale;

were it so the wise were only the learned,
then there would be nothing one has earned.

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