to do away with the conveniences

to do away with the conveniences
of those few fair and harmless friends,
that they not consider and weigh well
your most honest pride and fairest grace,
would be as waiting for the winds to pass,
to lighten each step of my way to you,
towards your bright face and faithful promise
to wear your honor and swear your favor—
and I won’t lose a moment of good life
with your just looking on me kindly,
rather, I am born again and again
when you look to share with me your heart;

the sound of a friend is only so sweet,
next to the beat of sweet lovers that meet.

where is dominion generously found
but where a trust is at its strongest,
where words are shared lightly and freely,
and growth is the only aim and true goal.
then, nothing is given but is offered,
and nothing is measured or counted
but only drawn out to its naked ends,
like good student and teacher together
and grades of love like flying colors,
every direction granted its wonder,
and eloquence its deserved right;
to submit to sweetness this promise:

honesty and hope and so, depth and height,
each surface seen and chosen with might.

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