fragments of thought and thinking

fragments of thoughts and thinking,
like moments of thanks and thanking,
reveal, only partly, your honesty
but, fully, an honest praise of self.
whatever’s ever missing of meaning
is as the endlessness of darknesses,
never without cause or reason for light;
well awake, your day is bright, right—
so be good to let nightly ways give way
for every story or star swimming true
to shine on great and straight and through—

and as a point marks the end of a sentence,
know true light is the right of one’s sentience.

by your bravery do you feel so good,
facing fearlessly your obstacles
and running through their false ends,
that you could ever be taken by force
or held accountable for silly fears—
o never is danger hushed so far away
than by your smile of certainty and faith;
you say “I know in truth that I believe”
with every chance you get to speak it well
or write it right and so sing away hell—
as if heaven is right before your eyes
and all you’d need is to want it within you.

just remember that that strength of desire
rises in men and burns bright as does fire—

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