live on

if how you move is just form—with power,
“how strong” is your stance, and honor.

pick a point in the sky
and high by the mind’s eye—
bright, beauteous and principled,
and so, you know now how to fly:

life is lawless only in the highest regard,
while white fight, pure and free of struggle
knows no objects, obstacles or enmity
and is so of a course most straight—

she gathers together, to get her
you huddle so subtle and close.

such is life, let her live like light and soar;
her fruits are all abound, abundant and sound,
so dreary death is just but a bad bitter bore,
for, ever-eternal is all what may be good.

think to thank, live, love, lay, and laugh
just to feel it all ever last—

so all you feel is real, all you know, so near,
so you are only bound by what you fear;
so hope holds you high, love leads you along,
so for none, save yourselves, do you stay strong—

o for none—save your selves—do you stay strong—

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