how can you go back without sound advice

how can you go back without sound advice,
to where you started to finish and strong—
you can’t answer certain questions like that,
without having certain intentions like that―
so now how do you feel not knowing that―
could you even know, and why would you care;
ignorance just harms you with arrogance,
so ignore all the fates of all that fade far, then,
away and gone for good for you and me,
else, otherwise, we’re doomed to fall apart,
and no honesty would save you from me―
no, and not with all the world on your side―

if I see through you, you’ll see through me when
what you gave is what you saved for all men.

integrity lets you build without end;
so character is depth so brought to life―
“like an actor reveals a deeper state”
when the writer is he who sealed his fate.
let memory like melody bright sing,
or know just all too well what you can bring―
that depth or breadth, either way, is a height
to all who hear and so call to your plight;
play it fair and fairest endings are wrought
from all with each and every single thought,
else, you aim at what none can ever hit
with all you will or won’t ever admit.

color or flare fashions you among men,
but its theme and good scheme that tell you when.

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