there are collective constructs we have built,

there are collective constructs we have built,
and individualistic concepts so accepted;
though the two are mutually exclusive, error, guilt
comes only when one is (or all are), then, disconnected.

in the first case, it is shared when the thought is obsolete,
but, this, in the second, leaves the mind incomplete—
such are the states of man whatever however he may reach—
but, then, when the heart is still intact, whole: hear the rhythms, silent, teach.

for, then is also when the unknowns reign free,
so as to facilitate to one all he can see be;
and none are to blame for that fall of all posterity,
for, so quick are they to rise before their own and truest beauty.

so, men recreate what man did and does create,
or, now, they save it (and not crave it), let it automate,
meaning, meaning, as we know it, can take no shape,
but only like a super-hero without his flowing cape—

again, meaning, meaning, as it is, or, may come,
grows with a beginning and an end so infinitesimal
you might say, (or feign pray) that there is none,
but is that your decision or the derision of the “so equivocal”—

whatever the case may be,
self-imposition or honor, ease,
a single word tells the story
and whichever way you please:

may you be the one, as is to the root, the sun,
revealing what is hidden (“the other side”) of either one.