that which you cannot sense

that which you cannot sense
you must, we must weigh at heart;
so what is good is god-given,
may what is gone be gone evil,
so that without it what is glory
but that one knows of it naught—

to see without sense, perhaps,
is sight as bright as day;
and night is just as right, a lapse,
and so, there are states, we say;

one can be this or that—
that can that be or this—
as there are two sides to a coin,
so there are two sides to an idea—

to find the balance is to see
how growth cannot be stopped
and why decay is necessity,
something must be “topped”;

like capitalism, a dying word,
for, its meaning’s gone evil—
there are those who still remember:
at least, to become globalized
one must go on and capitalize,
so, then, the fittest so survive,
and that which is pure stays alive,
or rather, as a poet ought to say:

may the chased be so chaste,
and the strong just with honor;
and their faith be their haste;
and all their love, all their power.

yet so, to socialize, we compromise,
collect and spread the wealth,
and leave leaders and loved ones
with barely their own health—

where it’s gone, who’s who knows—
without a name to call it so,
who are we to it “all”,
the whole “globe”, all in all.

instead let’s call for reconciliation
and find faith and love man
by finding common ground
and building where we can.