to Ammar al-Shukry

I wanted to tell you—in more eloquence—
words to honor a man, a man a brother
stood by and followed from innocence
to come to be just to me and, one who I
know I can on him rely, for he’ll rely
on what I rely on: exalted and high
ســــــــبـــــــحـــــــانـــــــه وتـــــــعـــــــالـــــــى
upon whom his final messenger ﷺ (be peace, eternally blessed)—
such is to believe in and love, eye to eye—
a brother so dear I fear to lose, and so, I
refuse to send greeting of peace and سلام to,
you and all of your kindest kin you survive رحمه الله to meet again
فـــــــي جـــــــنـــــــة الـــــــفســـــــردوس الـــــــأعـــــــلى
until we meet face to face, and see to hand to hand—
(a poet-pen isn’t enough for what time demands)

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