hundreds of years it took, for the Latin

hundreds of years it took, for the Latin
to meet English, this time is what it took
to make sacrifice a goal; as though
priestly was result of looks or a book—
so does the heart converge upon itself;
were men originally born evil,
seclusion, diversion brought peace, safety—
now, what marks a leader or leading thought
but prosperity and sweet success
for all posterity’s fortune and health,
redeemed only by honest duress
faceing conviction and such sky-born wealth:

a meaning retained is (a) state contained,
so memory be made and souls be saved.

how is that one can sway one one way
or n’other, when together: two can fly,
it is to say one ought to so but why;
though together we stand, alone we’ll die
and live again or meet hell to tell of
to all that yell of evil and salvation—
what worth is pain—the determination—
the cause to call onto all to creation
to destroy themselves in the name of love,
to lay low, consume, work, and to resume—
or for the sake of knowledge and science
deprived of heartfelt sentiment, guidance—

we break the rules to preserve the fool
who forgets the ways but knows the days true—