there was a period of time in my life

there was a period of time in my life
where I would bear most unbearable
company, when I would, in honest strife
stay near the broken insufferable
many, looking to study sacrifice;
what in men, seeking pain, will become
anything but a lack of life, just death—
thereafter, liberated, I was free—
so can I, be allowed to, as one might,
consider myself advanced, elite
even—enough to say what’s for one right
and deny the lie my life wasn’t replete.

for sweet life after death must be mercy,
then, here and now—as far as he can see.

surely, what is advancement without it,
delay—that you honor time and author—
gladly, where would you wish to so make it,
history, the time of your life—offer
your heart, art lets you wake it gently,
from side to side, rock it through all the world,
high it flies, through depths of life, evenly—
and honest is each eye with every word.
such sweet sorrow’s good, rhetorically;
a question needing no answer ready
must be well known, theoretically—
eloquently, though, one just smiles, steady,

from where he begins to where he will end—
may honest eyes come and honest eyes send!

how is it going to be possible
otherwise, eternal love, alive—
how else can a man so forever love
but that he did when he thought he couldn’t—
then, nothing came first or after, never;
all is one so all is won all together—
so all doubt be out, thrown, altogether—
else, being figured speech just to get her—
to get her to see reason, honestly—
be it proud and aloud and deep hidden,
or never heard of head-ridden
malefactions of impossibility—

he rejects the chains of reality
and falls in love, with sweet duality—