what kills me—what fills me—

what kills me—what fills me—
king me—I cling to the walls here—
who was it who loved me who lied who
ran away—ego—we go where we want
when we want our way—stay—I sing
when I fall and I win when I sway—stand
by me, there’s only one way one way
to the heart—art—heart by heart—
each beat brings heat—higher—liar:
no where near me is she
and still I come to be—please—
pray, say, you can hear me, reach me
through the air, the sky—we meet eye to eye,
where, there we were when even we were young
looking to the stars, remembering who we are
was nothing, nothing like where we’re going—
where we came from, where life—truth lives on;
how else could I trust you, give up to you my soul
but with all honest conviction you are where you are
and we’ll meet well in heaven high when we’re with each
and each we’re breathing with survive—alive is—alive is
he—most supreme, so most high—a life is
so dear, near and fear may be the only reason why—cry,
then, see why I could die and fly high—