the knowledgeable’s knowledge

علم العليم وعقل العاقل اختلفا
من ذا الذي منهما قد احرز الشرفا

فالعلم قال انا احرزت غايته
والعقل قال انا الرحمن بي عرفا

فأفصح العلم افصاحا وقال له
بأينا الله في فرقانه اتصفا

فبان للعقل ان العلم سيده
فقبل العقل رأس العلم وانصرفا

the knowledgeable’s knowledge and the intellectual’s intellect differed;
which one of them has, the honor, so secured?

so, knowledge said: “I have secured its goal”,
and the intellect said: “by me ar-rahman is learned”—

so knowledge clarified with clarity and said:
“by which of us has Allah in his furqaan been described”—

and so, it became clear to the intellect knowledge was its master,
so the intellect kissed the head of knowledge and departed—