tell me of the “oppressor’s wrong” to you

tell me of the “oppressor’s wrong” to you
and so have earned your rank as one high,
rid me of this professor’s long over-due
entry into heaven’s great sky, bright, nigh;
become with honors and goodly agree
with all who without order for accord
are pleasant in those matters which you see
and don’t see when you dare not stare and hold—
though I may challenge but never encroach,
unless encroached upon and glanced away,
be your rite and good right, and both will vouch,
your every work and your each pupil’s pay!

what currency be sweeter than interest—
from the lover-rebel philanthropist!

it is either that you feel it constant,
or that you understand it’s mechanism;
by what are your urges whims thrown about,
and what is granted as such given schism—
or hurry far then—these words break the rules:
heat is always in equilibrium
when how much we can give and take you choose;
and never is anything lost in sum.
in deed, a matter cannot, created,
be destroyed—that link, that life, that fair hope
that we believed, that we see, related
and then, remembering, called out for rope!

none can be saved of those who will not see
that yet there are those who choose not to be!

where is there in those who will not let live
life—do not call alive the treacherous,
the villainous many who take not give
and give what they will not take, famous
to the earth as it cycles through it’s dead;
nature’s heart knows neither pleasure nor pains,
it’s blood bleeds by it’s choice not just bright red
but with every shade and color it gains
more—more as would the lifeless so devour,
turning green and brown to brick and white-black,
to keep all their assets safe and/or sour,
either way, inattentive to their lack—

and so we sow in our hearts that good seed:
(with love) we are safe (sound), without much need.