what if I told you you could guess the next word

what if I told you you could guess the next word
of a sentence, a term of thought, complete
or fragmented and with faith fair and sound—
what if I told you that sound will come to you,
but only if you see and hear things my way—
you ask too much too often when unpunctual,
late with reason, but, complete we compete
with ourselves and all creation, station
by glorious station, like phases in the sky,
golden and purple, nigh, with faith we fly!;
word by word, sound by sound, now, come alive—
waste not the air, breathe in slow so to strive.

it’s your choice to chose or miserably lose;
live by your code (word) or follow the rules.

get with the program or hold to my word;
you do as you’re told or follow your love
else you find yourself dead to the world—
you’ll see I’m right with a reason to fight
by proving a challenge lay before you:
make the best or be/see the best you can—
some will fly with heavenly remembrance,
under their breath or through loud proud pages,
and some can grow low, humbled, and quiet down
to listen to hear that so simple sound—
when truth be so deeply what you have found—
that colors the air to match your fair crown.

like a king you can come and have your way,
or fight and never lose the games we play.

you never know what he’s talking about,
a lover—if you’re not in love with him—
that’s why a poet’s choice is so kingly,
you can love him true or only read him
to understand his end game and purpose:
love, known value, weight and worth, and for all;
when you agree you’ll still argue but then—
just then—for each other, in the truth’s path,
the one truth, the sung truth, unseen but there,
there with every complete thought, well-fought for,
and with every breath and beat’s heat in air—
love’s glove from above let’s say to explore!

take advantage in paper being heard;
vast is the playing field to test one word.

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