sight’s light!

a woman’s waves are nothing
like a man’s, shifting or shining—
though a man may be inconstant
when he dies or lives with joy, sad,
he is of little loss in having beauty,
with such a marvel being at is side—

then I remember her, her air,
her every notion & motion—I’m blinded
like the sun’s in my eyes, but to me—
to me she said “to please you”—
and for us the moon burned so red—
“like kissing yourself” light flies high—

so I’ll never stop, she can anytime,
and anytime come back, fight back,
or lull you sweet to sweetest sleep and up.

and so she teaches me, so she reaches me
with everything I could ever have and know—
and to her can I prove to you how well I grow,
with service so deep, dearly for all to see.

memories be such a thing,
coming and going at will;
the butterfly’s effect,
our winds winding unconsciously—
out of control we are until
together we realize we are:

breath by breath, surrender—
I shift, too, will shine true
when you call me out loud,
proud of what we’ve become—
say the sun, save the moon—
but never so soon;

I’ll never forget I can remember,
love leaves its light, bright,
whether white or through the night, you.

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