glow, bro

“The sun is so much more
golden when you look with more
than just your eyes”, I said once—
“how high are you from me”,
she seemed to say, as though
she knew the world we lived in
would crumble if I didn’t get it—
what I want and what I need,
they are the same thing, but—
I don’t use that word at all,
and admit aloud my selflessness—
I mean that whole-heartedly—
and she knew it too, somehow,
her way—but I swear it here
and again, by the only one
whom my self is in his hand,
as well as I did, as honestly:
I wouldn’t hold that sentiment,
that one way up there shining,
if the world wouldn’t with me—
and so, something needed me
to disconnect, to detach something—
purest love born up high,
or an earthly mate so right—
and both and just one together—
we all are. after all—peace!
who’da thunk it’d meet with such
earthly, harmonious contention—
“o how”, I wish I said to her,
“we shine as bright and not know”—
but I think I (just) did, that is, grow—

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