it’s something like too much feedback but not

it’s something like too much feedback but not
(in speaking of unobserved elements)
enough, the feed delayed, the feeling shot;
love is the yield of good experiments—
in all ways, what you get is what you got—
with melody paint harmony, connect!
her path; good love’s economy, co-rrect!
well-wished, we are won and one, proved true now,
’till we’re wond’ring why I’ve got you in mind:
and we start asking questions of how, how,
when like a hum is truth’s light, we look, n’find
how the winds settled inside you grow loud:

thought being like king will settle all things,
when my heart is free, true, guided, she sings!

I can say it now and so freely boast!
my queen! royalties are due to you here!
I’ve just found the thing you true desire most:
with a word I am proof how you’re so near,
but you, in this world, are ever my host!
that you couldn’t accept it from me then,
proves the pride of even most honest men.
but beauty being by your bright behest,
serviced by your service, at your command,
makes a man—unconscious—be at his best,
teaches him where to look and when to stand,
my heart, our kingdom come, expands my chest!

I met you before I knew well your name,
yet heaven without is heaven the same.

as light lives, we do, relentlessly,
in the skies once, so through them ever more
to eternal bliss but known endlessly;
what else makes a true soul an open door,
and so we live on so curiously:
to fight for what’s right and share our end-sights,
capital are days and prosperous nights—!
we looked at each other, wanting each part;
and say we won more than we realized,
just that it’s the thought that counts on the heart;
poor, recognition, then, idealized,
as though there’s a shortcut ’round, to the start.

so, it is to him as to you, his word;
golden, and true-together, be their world.

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