that you (she) are mine and I am your king,

that you (she) are mine and I am your king,
together we are one with all we bring—
the way a note leads, reads, for life to sing,
tones over tones, with our art sung we swing;
our love like a flowing, figured fire-ring—
such passion fuels the powers that please you—
nothing else is deemed worthy but (y)our view.
but, still, be, for me—that I don’t know,
at times, heated, high, where you oft-go;
I cannot hide from your red, your glow—
how blinded by beauty though, still, I grow,
but like I’m green, young again, and so slow—

meticulous, careful and exacting,
or, ridiculous, fearful, retracting.

see how without you I am not at a loss,
I have everything, both sides with each toss;
a heart just hears or else it disappears,
but the mind is house to both: hopes & fears—
now look at what you can do without me:
toss and yearn restless for love and mercy—
but who are they, good heart, you have honored
without my singing reasoning scattered
all over the world, yes—all of it mine,
’cause I can see it when you feel it, time.
you have no say in where we honest reign,
for with a lie I just die, but you pain.

see how I rely on you to please you,
it means, what’s mine is yours (whatever we do) true.

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