double-helix through the sky, high

the way it starts an ignition
is just how ignition starts—
three in one-conceptualization:
ready, on, n’go—don’t idle—
a wanna-be hybridization;
three-kinda-minds meet a heart
and so begins reconciliation:
considering a sign, a song and a soul,
say, for anti-difference humanization;
first, we look, then we see a “head”
but some then think “integration”
and then never stay the same,
like children, growing, with sweet fruition,
or being love fuel burning bright;
on earth combust, in heaven passion;
truth forever conducts true, aright—

a man meets men and then a mission,
with a message angels aid him,
but then by who’s good permission;
what and who do you worship,
where do you look n’see pure-isolation,
though now, here, there every where
giving you the order of co-opted oration,
a healthy dose of depth-promises-health,
something like your love’s love’s sweet fruition—
armor me, amor, they believe your beauty—
I’m blinded bay—but I’ve got this intuition;
with faith we fly, oppressed we still finish
first by ever-lasting love’s sole condition:
with duty done true true love’s ever-living;
life and work and comprehension
paint this path of pure play,

and then with some kind of subtle compression
righteous radicals meld together
expanding the pressure-patternization,
waves (h)eating waves through days and ways—
it’s every man for himself through our honest duration,
the best best the rest; but lovers love the tests:
you have guys, guides to good station
and love itself, it clearly states:
from state to state you turn; love’s loop-rotation,
wholly sucking you in but bright-white
pure, perfected, colorful lux-ation,
life giving and taking and so creating,
like this longing lexical literation
firing willful fast, fears separating,
so as to build hope and drive on,
solful, sung, and resonating—

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