even cries build

do it ’cause it looks good—
prescriptions you never thought you would,
when description was how
all the world could get along.

then they cry for social justice when the sciences
never manage to reach the streets
except to curb our enthusiastic thoughts
and leave us in indiscreet dispositions for that which cannot be—

contradiction predilections espouse
countless countenances mercilessly
when those ugly chains that be
structure our livelihood.

runaway, rather, seek refuge from devilish chagrins
eager to whip your beautiful faces with scowls
and contemptuous disappointments riddled with malefaction
of such injurious discontent that stops time in hellish anguish.

when was it, when capacity was measured by the brightness of a smile
eager to fall deep within its source and meet well with all that’s shared

and when did we decide to, systematically, kill each other
and shuffle the bodies in heedless hoards across the pure, innocent earth’s face.

behold the terrible lie that presumes the beholder’s beauty—
say it’s chaos that consumes your unsightly disguises
when unsure are you of what to praise or follow
and the mirror doesn’t lie along so you bury yourself in a cause.

dependable dalliances so dictate
infinitely cohesive is true dedication
despite the grievances of men
and all the unaccountable.

what we’ve learned throughout our history
spontaneously orders itself on earth
and through the skies as though time
remains faithful and sings harmoniously with humanity’s hope.

neither will instructions guide
nor information relate
but with beauteous vindicating light
so illuminating sight.

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