they’ll read us I said

on a dream train I met you again

in the farthest back seats like on the bus

the first time I saw you.

with the rains gathering momentum

and our bodies feigning their unawares

mused by the prospect of our travel—

until we finally turned to each other

but with our eyes too fearful to lock

our hearts too deep in their talk

we feign argued with our respective guest advocates

mine suddenly disappearing, as quieted as my hope

yours following your lead, heated

with just the likeness of your resolve

too gentle to strike, too honest to turn away

and the storm builds on outside us

as we sit sheltered

warmed through illogical quarrels

of bodies in earnest for each other

and minds too restless to settle the dream world away

as if we needed time on our side.

I direct myself to only your guest, your liaison,

out of my greatest respect, sorrowful—

then finally we scream at each other

admitting our each “I stills” and “of courses”,

laughing tears lining our eyes

smiling at the ruse we’ve each played for so long

so frugal with our thirsty hearts

through the tempests around us winding, speeding

as I wake before we embrace and imagine the three of us

disappearing into heaven’s gentle escape.

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