(I) seek refuge with Allah from the outcasted satan:

5-with the help of Allah: he aids anyone he wishes, and he is the Merciful All-Mighty;

6-Allah’s promise: he, Allah, won’t break his promise, and yet most of the people do not know

7-They know obviousness from worldly life, and they—regarding the here-after—they are heedless ones.

8-Or won’t they deeply think in their selves; certainly, Allah did not create the skies and the earth and that which is between them but by truth and an appointed time; and, indeed, many of the people—with regard to their meeting with their master—are surely ungrateful, rejecting.

9-Or won’t they travel through the land so that they observe how the fate of those before them was, they were mightier than them in strength, and they dug the earth and they built upon it more than they have built upon it, and their messengers came to them with the clearest signs; so, it was not of Allah to wrong them, yet they were, their own selves, wronging.

10-Then, it was the fate of those who committed the most grievous evils that they belied the clear-signs of Allah, and they would mock them.

11-Allah begins the creation, then he repeats it, then, to him, you all will return.

12-And, on the day the hour is established the criminals will despair.

13-And, there won’t be from their “partners” any intercessors for them, they having being to their “partners” ungrateful, rejecting.

14-And, on the day the hour is established, this day they will be separated.

15-And so, as for those who believed and worked benefit, then they are in a garden, delighting.

16-And but for those who ungratefully rejected and belied by our signs and the meeting the here-after, then those are in the torture, prepared for.

17-So, glorified is Allah whenever you’re reaching evening and whenever you’re reaching morning.

18-And, for him is all the praise throughout the skies and the earth, and at night, and whenever you reach noon.

19-He takes out the living from the dead and he takes out the dead from the living, and he gives life to the earth after its death: and thusly will you be taken out.

20-And of his signs: indeed, he created you-all from dust then, behold, you are humans dispersing!

21-And of his signs: indeed, he created for you, from your own selves, mates so that you may reside therein, and he placed between you passionate-love and merciful-compassion; indeed, in that are signs for a people who deeply think.

22-And of his signs: creation of the skies and the earth, and differentiation of your tongues and your colors; indeed, in that are signs for the knowledgable.

23-And of his signs: your sleep by the night and the day, and your seeking from his bounty; indeed, in that are signs for a people who listen.

24-And of his signs: he shows you lightning—in fright and in want—and he sends-down from the sky above water, and so, gives-life to the earth after its death; indeed, in that are signs for a people who reason.

25-And of his signs: that the sky and the earth rise by his command, and then, when he calls you—a calling from the earth—behold: you come out!

26-And for him is anyone in the skies and the earth; all, to him, are in desperation.

27-And he is the one who begins the creation then, repeats it; and it is easier for him; and, for him is the higher example throughout the skies and the earth, and he is the Wise All-Mighty.

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