o faithful lament

some number their days and live to the counts
while others use names, and so, love surmounts—

to prove what one can do, and have done,
one must prove what cannot be, ‘least on earth,
then, his judgement’s sound will tell each one
true in and full to every sense of good faith—

so is an action taken—

therewith we say, cohesion and soundness
are born but by name given and word kept,
close, in the sense of good mindfulness
and honored in speech and provocation apt—

so is thought manifest—

is it not now we say what most be solely singular,
free of malefaction in form and moving,
steady, constant, vibrant, resonating far
and wide, the heart is, vast with it’s seating—

and so does it beat at pure peace!

action, being alive and with good purpose,
we can at least all agree, determine our focus—

and so from what, how to keep it safe:

you build a good house for it into your home,
where it is—what but each beat’s heat within you,
gathering from all over the great, high, pure dome,
as every one’s part to so fight all that’s untrue—

and so for such do we self-govern:

soon as the feeling comes, so soon as the sights,
expanding in artful ways through minds and bodies,
sensations seduce through such playful nights,
ever-on-earth, where-ever man then so desires—

and so by this truth do we build:

in every matter at hand there is a heart,
which, with or without constituents, speaks!;
a good pattern sings such silent art
that one learns what each one so seeks!

life, love and the soul-sung are here one
in a wor(l)d that stands for all and has won—

so then why else are we silent:

when we are stifled and set aside and bade,
but to make patience beautiful ever-shining
with every forced breath falsely uttered—;
forgiveness begins within, healing-hiding.

and so why else do we find binds:

as things enslave us when we forget their true source,
high, in supremest sense and grandest course,
earnest in the chase for what all must call right—
but just to break them in pure honesty and fight—

and so why do we ask why

but to finally decide how to come to an end,
and firmly decide what constitutes a friend
to never relent and honest love ever send—
staring in face of folly to never contend—

by now then we’ll have well risen above it all,
and learned well how to attack and upon whom to call—

and though of love

we say it, true, knows no bounds,
without who we lose how it sounds
to what’s always listening glistening
through tears and faith unforgiving,

such is beauty,

deeming that all else is unworthy of attending
but, then, forgiving what turns in truth, wanting
and so receiving, what ever he sees as wrought
from all his owned feelings and each thought—

but have mercy, heaven,

beauteous state of harmony and flow,
let us believe in brighter ways still to go—
so as never to give up but reach high
as so sweet the heart does cool to the eye—

(or be ruthless, grasping at the matter strong,
burning, through the heat of hell we prolong.)

though all must suffer their own consequence,
pain can often be most easy gain and triumph,
duty being the choice to see to their oneness
as reflected in all that they aim for of life:

so does a name tell all—

with what is seen and unseen conforming form
and shaping both ideas and their disillusion,
that there is a start and fine finish to swarm
through the spaces and graces of man in unison:

so is a sound word born:

a promise be the premise of such constancy,
that method and manner rule over all nature,
alive through much more than we would now see
but proving that time knowledge will nurture—

so do we live and so grow.

if only to die we speak how to remember,
nothing in life is worth our surrender.

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