truer still

I had you in my sights once before,
naked and pale, drawn before my eyes,
but how I couldn’t actually look long,
instead I said in you the sun shines;
I found the secret to her heart
and saw light in everything,
everywhere I could look
a sweet sound would start
telling me the ending
is just what I took
of reason or time,
sung or signed.

that I have found
a way to love unbound,
is to simply say I love her,
but her honor, true, is to me dearer,
and so everything we’ve known eternal.
in my mind I alone am founder
of this everything we can see together,
’till she wakes my heart, lulled, nocturnal
to your shining love-armor and shield,
protecting lovers in the sky from night,
washing over me with brilliant balances
of day and sky, and might and right to live.

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