shy of nothing, though

I hide my beauty now because I so easily forget grace has its way of warming up to your perception and you ignore when you’re abashed curiuswhy I’m not see howtheearth is bare for you

there she is again its her I see with her breadth made for me to swim through a current of love i am or a currency by which angels barter i see you in everything I’ve loved alive

I see you in the skies shining at night waxing full life gleaming at the motion of your air and the sway of the tips and peaks of your devotion an ocean of love I swim while you sing to me

o how the winds so blow now in my face every time I first see you through you me I course through you coming a traveler winning a venture turned to eternal bliss with a breeze a breath a kiss of light

see how I delay the law’s effect on me I begin to never end and intend heaven for you my lord I knew how others but you are worshiped but i by you most high saw you in her come true

have mercy on me your beauty tempts one into thinking he doesn’t need to remember that he knows what he knows is himself when he’s come true passed the surfaces and covers

and come the clouds to lead the rains to fill the oceans to dress the depths of widest bounties and make lush the every part and heart of beauty found resounding o again in you

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