present tense

:قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
:أتاني جبريل فقال
،يَـا مُـحَمد ! عِـش مَـا شئْتَ فَـإنكَ ميّـتٌ
،واحْبـب مَــن شِئتَ فَـإنكَ مفَـارقُـهُ
،واعْـمَل مَـا شئْـتَ فإنّـك مُجـزَي بِـه
،واعْـلم أنّ شَرف المُـؤمن قِـيامُه باللّيل
.وعـزه استغناؤه عَـن الناس

(صحيح الجامع)

Said the messenger of Allah ﷺ:
“Jibreel came to me and said:
‘O Muhammad! Live what you wish, for you are dead,
and love what you wish, for you are parting with it,
and act as you wish, for you are rewarded by it,
and know: the nobility of a believer is his arising late at night for worship,
and his strength is his sufficiency from the people.”


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