tell me a name more worthy than yours

the white coconut oil melts in my palms,
and I feel your warmth set me back
and let your earth rise over me,

and the nights are so quiet, whispering
your love to me, careful am I
not to wake your sleeping heart.

what’s with me, I ask the silence—
that I can not be seen while still I thrive,
and, lifeless, observe my natural decay.

mercy’s promise, she says:
how quickly you forget it, that you’re loved
and still have breath if you fall!

she excites me so much I forgot it,
those all marching against her, and I surround them!
and draw them in to my call!

I grimace and tear and swallow the cry inside,
and swell up and well up,
as the does dew drink the night up—

the rattling hour approaches
when the voices etched into our eyes
sing our loves asleep—

I scribble and together they come,
from every direction, with such a sum
of all that leaves you and all I know true—

separating the air, like locks of hair
the oil pulls itself through,
delivering us, our honor and space.

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