turning war into love every honest chance we get

how does one embody a sense of pride in his faith, knowing its value, never hesitating in its glorification and defense? by knowing and cleaving to its source. firstly, that its truth is singular and without outside need: this is merely to describe truth manifest, or truth with respect to what may be deemed absolute and known, it is to describe the universal action of truth—however, its praise must be by its own authority, attested to and accepted. such is what delineates the notions of Islam and Eemaan; it is one thing to accept a higher power, it is another to believe in it, in any and every sense, and Ihsaan knows no bound of cohesion and agreement. and so, one begins to recognize that his role and its merit, his value and honor, grant no objective gain to truth—truth does not become more true or convincing, not by some external effort—so when we talk about methodologies and methods we cannot forget that with them are men and manners, or else we are merely mixes of modes and such. then, we won’t speak of what is more “right”, fearing the non-conservative, or even what is simply better; we will speak with love of what is loved with excellence and pride. and it is then we realize the glory and brutal reality of intellectual warfare, that not for a moment can it be escaped—so do we rise and fall—and so do we hope and pray, seeking grace and mercy and justice. we would not be wise then to ever forsake our believing brethren and their wants and needs, for we are our own plight and purpose, in and of ourselves, but there is great reason for independence and self-sufficiency and freedom. we are not obligated to, and, in truth, are encouraged not to confide in each other our lack and weakness, but rather to take pride in our strength and look to its preservation and health,

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