When you concede to the notion (and motion) of an essential heart the only “real” action you are taking is binding the duplicitous and multi-faceted yet simultaneously bias mechanism of observation and perception that is the mind to a more predictable and controllable system; without getting into details, a dichotomous system.

I’d urge you to consider the quantum theory and its see many counter-intuitive implications on reality, perception, measurement, observation, etc.

If one cannot admit that, as a rational being, every state of mind and flavor of thought is a product of an essential “state of being”—what are we ever but “happy” or “sad”, “pained” or “pleased”, “hopeful” or “fearful”—what have they reduced life to but the entirely ungovernable, chaos. Which of course you are free to do at your own expense.

Moreover, if you cannot define “meaning” and its varying phases what right do you have to say “what is” and “what is not”. I recognize three types, linguistic, colloquial (hence the multitude of quotes), and established—but I’m just some guy on fb.

You can pick and choose what you like, but you would be wise not to ignore what you cannot know takes precedence: such is both cohesion and honesty.

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