true love; the path

Truest of love must be in the path of truth, that is, we love the truth that brings to us the beauty and wonder of our loved ones. And this is the height of eloquence, however fancifully we may say it. There is little harm in proclaiming one’s love for another, except that as humans we are a dynamic creature, while truth be the constant by which all else is measured and judged.

When we pronounce the words “I love you”, whatever the language, we must admit we are being somewhat poetic. And, what marks poetry and the poet but the aim towards beautification and the sending away of the extraneous and undesirable. And so, what we really mean is “always, I love you always”.

Considering the dynamics of human nature however, the inevitable ups and downs, one does little justice to their to pronounce such unconditional love. It would be to equalize the states and say that neither is preferred over the other, that excellence be but a far away thing with no hope.

Certainly the safer route would be a declaration and celebration of faith, enshrouding our love from above, ensuring the highest of hopes for those beloved. A love of this kind is eternal, directed not towards the ephemeral mind and body and heart but to the soul, the spirit and their singular source: merciful truth.

Wise will we be to mark the moments of love, so to preserve them and their glory, forgiving what we can when we can by means of honesty to ourselves and those nearest to us, that they may yet become ever-nearer. Then, in the path of truth do we love and in the path of love are we true.

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