haters ‘gon hate; statists gon’ state

Because. You cease to understand that the mess of contradiction and corrupt policy with which we are surrounded has been built upon the foundations of liars and thieves. It is not enough to temporarily remove the restrictions and limitations that seem to be necessary to augment the corruption, the foundations must be demolished from their source. Where is that source? How do we strike at the heart of false foundations? God only knows at this point. But you can’t treat the symptoms of a disease that you refuse to even diagnose, walk around and stress the body for a while, then cry when you seem to be worse off than you started. It’s utter irrationality. 

Deregulation isn’t the answer, but neither is regulation. What does that tell you? You need a balance. Something that will bring us back to nature but not back to primitivity. I’m not going to tell you where that could be; there is a time and place for all things, and morality certainly cannot precede logic. I will say this though: if balance and harmony is what we know we need, how on earth do we think we’ll get it without relying on balanced leadership, good men and women who are balanced in and of themselves with nothing to hide, straight-faced and honest. Think.

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