have mercy

Capitalism can only initiate a context of justice; without mercy and compassion all is void of the human element. Has not the man who kills another for whatever reason capitalized on his supply of force? Does not the thief capitalize on his shrewdness and timing? Won’t the greatest idea retain its stature and station regardless of who or what will acknowledge it? One might argue then that true capitalism concerns all matters; to apply capitalism economically and not morally one is at a loss and can say nothing to those who do not look towards the future of their investments or that of those all depend on.The opposite of capitalism is statism, the preference and adherence to a single state (of governance or being), for this is the source of all stagnancy. Capitalism is not the answer to all our problems, but it is the answer to statism; and truth, mercy and justice are the only answer (source) of life.Moreover, regulation is only the statist’s crutch, for he knows he cannot survive without depending on others but he fears competition and the unknown. On the other hand, the capitalist is not boundless–how can man forge steel, construct and build infrastructure without abiding by laws of nature? His obedience, however, is his honor, his code, he knows what must be and so he does not lie, he knows what works and so he does not contradict it. In the same manner, mercy and compassion cannot be arbitrary reactions to the world around them, they rest on some moral basis, whether they are doctrinal, inspirational or fleeting; and only excellence begets excellence; only that which is most cohesive and comprehensive encompasses all matters of life, and brings balance and harmony.


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